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If Eastside is the place where blue-collar workers were bedding down in the 50’s, Westside is where they were working. Just a mile from the beach you’ll find long, low-slung industrial buildings clad in galvanized steel; welding shops; boat houses; surfboard shapers; skateboard makers; auto mechanics – these were and still are the staples of the neighborhood, but recent market changes have made the odd junkyard lot now a valuable commodity as builders large and small have come in to build in-fill developments ranging from 10- to 50-unit projects.

What’s interesting about Westside is that the soul of the place seems to be deepening even as new housing projects arrive at breakneck speed; I think it has to do with the quality of people who have been living & working there for decades and the newcomers who are embracing the vibe. It’s not just townhomes, either – there is a solid contingent of old ranch-style homes on 5,000+ sqft lots that seem to be out of the spotlight for the moment; if you ask me, I think Westside is the new Eastside. Go see for yourself!

For those that are fortunate enough to own investment real estate, and are interested in multifamily real estate, Westside has an excellent range of multifamily properties ranging from duplexes up to 40+ units. Be sure to check out neighboring Eastside, Mesa Verde, & South Coast Metro - they have excellent multifamily properties as well.

If you are interested in exploring Westside Costa Mesa’s neighborhoods to find a home for yourself, or starting and/or building a portfolio of investment properties, give Jesse a call today at (949) 292-9786.

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Westside Costa Mesa Quick Facts

  • Westside Costa Mesa is bordered on the south side by Newport Beach, to the east by the 55 freeway, Mesa Verde to the north and the Santa Ana River/Huntington Beach to the west.
  • Talbert Regional Park is a great place for an afernoon bikeride and is a perfect spot to jump on the Santa Ana River Trail that runs for miles to the north. Newps' beaches are just a quick ride down Superior, too… So much beach, so little time!
  • Westside's blue-collar roots are still alive and well with its welding studios, the super cray world famous bodysurfing fin company - Yucca Fins! Get 'em, brah, if you no get 'em already, eh?
  • John Wayne Airport is located just to the north of Westside CM and the 55 freeway marks the eastern border - a main transportation artery.
  • Architecture in Westside runs the gamut from simple post-War cottages to newer and denser multi-story projects.

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