Bodysurfing Trek Dana to Newps, August 27th, 2022 // Pt. I // The Brooks Street Surf Classic - 56th Annual

I woke up the other day and my youngest ran in and said "Dad. Salt Creek. It's breaking. Fresh glass. You know you wanna go because I wanna to go and you shouldn't be working today when, you know, the surf is this good. So -PLEEEEEEEZEEEE PLEEEEEEAASSSEEEEE!? Lets-go-ok-please??" My oldest walked in and said "What're you guys cooking up??" to which Little Brossa said "Dad's taking us to Salt Creek to bodysurf; get your fins!" It doesn't always work that way, but I couldn't argue the logic - the weather was primo, the surf report looked good and I hadn't been out for some time... I brokered a deal - "Alright. We'll go hit Creek, but then we're going to track north to the Wedge so we can see it break." "OKOKOKOKOKOKOK LETSGO!!"

We hit Creek and it was better than we hoped for... clean, glassy surf, no rips, good shoulders, plenty plenty good waves... all you could catch and then some... we all were laughing at our good fortune after coming in after a couple of hours of session... showering in the early morning sun, hardly anyone around... ready for our next adventure... 

Before heading north, we stopped at Lupe's in Dana for tacos. If you don't know, now you do - go check Lupe's. Kind grinds, for sure.

We tracked north after brek and I remembered that the Brooks was happening in Laguna that weekend. "Kids! Pit stop at Brooks Street to check the competition! Wooooot!!" We parked up the hill and scrambled down, barefoot, smiling at the good folks milling about, surfers, fans, family, locals and lovers of surf all around... hopped a little wall to snap some photos...

While we sat watching a couple of heats, it occurred to me the swell might be ideal for a break in North Laguna that only happens when conditions are right. "Squids - let's head out and check another break in North Laguna. It might be right." They said "What about the Wedge? Will we have time to get there, too?" "Ah, yes, most definitely... low tide is 3:30PM and Wedge should be maxing out around then... we'll be right on time..."

We stopped in at Secret Surf Spot (aka "Nunyo") and sure enough, the southern swell was refracting off the cliff wall, setting up a nice A-frame over a little scruff of reef - perfect for bodysurfing... we checked in with the lifeguard, made sure he knew we knew and then swam in to catch some early afternoon goodies... jumped out after about an hour and then continued north... we caught the Balboa Ferry over to the Peninsula, found some parking and headed out to check the Wedge... I'll post those photos up in another post, but here's a few from the Brooks Street 56th Annual Surf Classic:

PS - a larger gallery of photos from the Brooks Street 2022 Surf Competition is here.

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