Dirt! Bushes! Trees! Shade! Smellies in the air! Hills up! Hills down! Happy humans! Other happy dogs!! Hooray!  

Dogs know ‘em when they see ‘em – dirt trails. None of that sissy paved stuff, but good old-fashioned dirt. The earth. Raw material to scratch in, dig up, pee on and scuffle with. Hey – what’s that?! A dead thing?!! YESSSSSSS!! Get it ON me.  

For the dogs out there who love the trail and the awesome owners who get them there, there are few places of greater happiness. On the other hand, if your dog is the kind that prefers riding in a large purse whilst mama whisks him between window shopping stops at Fashion Island, that’s cool too, but this might not be for you. Maybe I’ll write that post later. For now, this is for the dogs who keep…

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