My wife woke me up in the wee hours - "Jesse. Smoke. It smells close." I mumbled that it wasn't and not to worry about it, though it was pungent and did smell... close ... but... we hear the sirens when they zoom past at the bottom of the hill and all had been quiet... there couldn't be anything... plus, it was 3 or 4 in the morning... soooo... I got up around 6:30AM and the Mrs. had gone to the gym... sure enough the hillsides were covered in a blue haze and a brown funk was settling across the horizon.

Holy Jim fire Cleveland National Forest August 31 2016

Hm. Maybe there was something burning out by Lake Elsinore or something. I grabbed a cuppa and sat out back. A helicopter suddenly roared overhead, heading down the mountain... helicopters are not unusual in our area... we probably have one or…

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