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(949) 292-9786

Mike Wrice

A Southern California native, Mike Wrice, is the newest member on the team and we're all really excited to have him.

"Chris, Dan and I are elated to have Mike on the team; he has a boundless enthusiasm for real estate and his smile precedes him when he walks into the room. I know Surterre Properties is as excited as we are to have him as a new partner."

Mike Wrice, Surterre Properties Realtor, Orange County, CA

Mike routinely earns his clients' respect, gratitude, and loyalty and satisfied customers refer the majority of his new clients.

"Mike did so much for me when I bought my first home," one recent client said. "I had a preconception about buying a home... you see things on TV that make it look easy but there is so much to it... I don't know if anyone else would have worked through the challenges we faced along the way like Mike did."

Mike is successful in large part because he empathizes with his clients.

"Buying and selling homes is often the biggest financial commitment that people ever make in their lives and I recognize and respect that fact. I'm working with people during a time of change & uncertainty in their lives and they need support, guidance and a compassionate ear - as an agent and as a team, we're there for our clients."

A tireless entrepreneur & personal trainer who earned his a Bachelor's of Arts in Political Science from UC Santa Barbara and owned his own training facility in Irvine, Mike has grown accustomed to the fine art of customer service over the course of his career. This fact - combined with his long-standing passion for Orange County's coastline and his intimate knowledge of all it has to offer - made his recent transition into the field of residential real estate a natural one. Armed with a seasoned understanding of how to guide people through the strategic accomplishment of their major goals, Mike promises the area's most discerning clientele a trustworthy resource with which to affiliate.

When he's not out with clients, you'll find Mike playing a game of pickup football on the sand in Newport, jogging a trail along the Back Bay or hiking with friends in Laguna.

Mike can be reached at (949) 545-2047 or by email at mike@ocexclusives.com.